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Free Tyre Check

Get your tyres checked by a trained technician.

Poor tyres could be the difference between stopping in time, or not. This month for tyre safety awareness we're offering all of our customers a FREE check of your tyres by our trained technicians. During the check we'll look at your tread depths, air pressure as well as the overall tyre conditions (including your spare).

Why is a tyre safety check important?

The safety of your vehicle and its passengers are heavily reliant on tyres. Having your tyres checked regularly helps ensure they are safe and legal for the road.

Aside from safety, proper tyre maintenance comes with added benefits like enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing consumption.

It's important to get your tyres checked regularly, ideally before an annual MOT is due. Our team of technicians can easily assess your tyres and recommend an appropriate solution, so there's no need to wait and potentially fail your MOT. Uneven or excessive tread wear can pose safety issues by increasing the risk of skidding and even blowouts during emergency maneuvers.

What causes tyre wear?

There are several reasons that a tyre could wear out, but the most common causes are incorrect tyre pressures, overloading, and high-speed driving.

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Don't forget to rotate your tyres regularly to ensure even wear.

Since front and rear tyres have varying levels of stress, rotating them prevents one set from wearing out faster than the other. Turning patterns can also affect wear, with right-hand turns typically causing more stress on tyres. Certain tyre models have directional treads, requiring them to be placed in specific positions on the chassis.

Our experts can help you determine the best course of action for rotating your tyres and ensuring even wear.

If you don't have access to professional equipment, avoiding the hassle of rotating your tyres yourself could be beneficial.

What causes tyre problems?

The top causes of tyre problems are overloading, driving at speed and incorrect tyre pressures.

Our technicians will ensure your tyres are safe and legal. We will check your:

  • Tread depths
  • Air pressure
  • Overall tyre conditions including the spare wheel

Monitoring tyre pressure is just as vital

Low tyre pressure can decrease fuel efficiency and lead to more rapid tyre wear. 

However, pressure gauges found at many garages aren't always accurate. Investing in your own pressure gauge can provide more reliable readings. 

Manufacturer specifications for tyre pressure often vary between driving conditions, so an expert opinion can help determine the optimal pressure for your daily driving needs, resulting in better fuel consumption, improved safety, and better handling on the roads.

Get in touch and book a free tyre check at Motor Match today to ensure the safety of your vehicle and passengers on the road.

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