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  • 49 Monthly Payments £297
  • Total Price £17,500
  • Customer Deposit £1,750
  • Amount of Credit £15,750
  • APR 12.6%
  • Term 49 months
  • Total Amount Payable £23,239
  • Fixed Rate of Interest 12.18%
  • Annual Mileage 8,000
  • Optional Final Payment £7,220

Jeeps have become incredibly sturdy and reliable vehicles that are typically used for off-road purposes. Nowadays, people use Jeeps for all kinds of purposes. Whether it’s to purchase a heavy piece of furniture or even tow a smaller vehicle, Jeeps are durable, powerful and surprisingly affordable if you purchase through a service such as Motor Match.

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Buying a Used Jeep

What exactly are the reasons for someone to buy a Jeep in the first place? We know that they’re surprisingly flexible given their off-road nature, but here’s a list of reasons why people are switching to Jeeps as their next main vehicle:

  • Jeep culture - Buying a Jeep automatically invites you into Jeep culture. Whether it’s attending events or drinking around together with your jeeps, there’s bound to be a Jeep culture near you.
  • Lots of unique features - Like most cars these days, Jeeps have lots of modern features such as tech features, off-road settings and even style features to help add a touch of class to your vehicle.
  • Great handling - Jeeps are fairly large vehicles, but they’re also excellent in terms of handling and driving off-road.
  • Weatherproof - Whether it’s a flood or snowing, you can rest assured that your Jeep will be able to withstand the effects of adverse weather with ease.
  • Classic silhouette - The Jeep is an iconic vehicle in every way. From the silhouette to its practicality, Jeeps are a timeless vehicle that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Picking a Jeep For You

At Motor Match, we offer a number of different cars for sale including Jeeps from various different years. We offer them in multiple different colours to ensure that our buyers can pick a Jeep that matches not just their needs, but also aesthetic style and colour preferences. If you’re looking to pick up a Jeep for an affordable price, then we offer a wide range of services such as test drives that can help you easily make a decision. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information regarding our used Jeeps.

Jeeps can be an amazing vehicle to own especially if you can pick it up for a relatively low price from second-hand car dealers such as Motor Match. However, there are many different variations to pick from and it’s best to look into the different types of Jeep available so you can find one that suits your needs.

One of the greatest things about owning a Jeep is how sturdy and durable they are. They’ll last many years even if you purchase a relatively old model. If you’re not looking to purchase a car every couple of years, then a Jeep is a worthy long-term investment. If you don’t like something specific about a Jeep, then it’s possible to replace or remove it. Even the internal components can be removed and replaced without much experience, making setup fairly simple.

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If you’re going to go off-road a lot, then it’s suggested to look at the tires and pick a set that helps give you more traction. Even in sub-optimal conditions, you’re still going to get an impressive amount of performance and nothing will beat a Jeep when it comes to off-roading. If you plan to use it more in a city environment, then focusing on features such as storage space and fuel efficiency can be more important.

At the end of the day, there’s not much that can go wrong when you purchase a Jeep. It’s a classic and rugged vehicle which makes it excellent for second-hand purchases, and it’s extremely versatile meaning it can fit into anyone’s lifestyle or needs.

At Motor Match, we stock a variety of different Jeeps that come from different periods of time. Before buying a Jeep, we do suggest that you contact us so we can help you find the ideal one for your needs. It’s an expensive investment, but it’s well worth the power and added storage space.