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What is AdBlue®?

Discover the Benefits of AdBlue® for Your Vehicle

AdBlue® is a solution for reducing harmful emissions from diesel vehicles. It is a non-toxic, colourless liquid that when injected into the exhaust system, helps to convert harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. This helps significantly reduces the environmental impact of diesel vehicles.

How Does AdBlue® Work?

AdBlue® works by being injected into the exhaust system of diesel vehicles, where it reacts with the harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases.

This reaction converts the NOx into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, which are then released into the atmosphere. This process is known as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and is a highly effective way to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

The Benefits of Using AdBlue®

Using AdBlue® in your diesel vehicle has numerous benefits, both for the environment and for your vehicle. By reducing harmful emissions, AdBlue® helps to improve air quality and reduce the impact of diesel vehicles on the environment.

It also helps to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle, leading to cost savings in the long run. With AdBlue®, you can enjoy a cleaner and more efficient driving experience.

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How do I refill my AdBlue®?

You have two options: you can do it yourself when your Driver Information System alerts you, or you can schedule an appointment with us and we'll happily assist you with topping up your AdBlue®. Your driver information system will show a warning at three different intervals as the fluid level decreases. The first warning will appear at 1,500 miles and count down.

How often should I refill my AdBlue®?

The frequency of topping up AdBlue® will vary depending on several factors: the size of your AdBlue® tank (check your owner's manual or consult our service team), your driving style, the types of journeys you take, road and weather conditions, and the engine load. It's likely that you'll need to refill your AdBlue® before your car is due for its regular service.

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